Corey Goode

Identified as an intuitive empath (IE) with precognitive abilities, Corey Goode was recruited through one of the MILAB programs at the young age of six. Goode trained and served in the MILAB program from 1976-1986/87. Towards the end of his time as a MILAB he was assigned to an IE support role for a rotating Earth Delegate Seat (shared by secret earth government groups) in a “human-type” ET Super Federation Council.

MILAB is a term coined for the military abduction of a person that indoctrinates and trains them for any number of military black ops programs.

Goode’s IE abilities played an important role in communicating with non-terrestrial beings (termed “interfacing”) as part of one of the Secret Space Programs (SSP). During his 20 year service he had a variety of experiences and assignments including the Intruder Intercept Interrogation Program, Assignment to the ASSR “ISRV”– Auxiliary Specialized Space Research, Interstellar Class Vessel, and much more. This all occurred in a “20 and Back” agreement from 1986/87-2007 with recall work until the present day.

Goode now works in the information technology and communications industry with 20 years’ experience in hardware and software virtualization, physical and IT security, counter electronic surveillance, risk assessment, and executive protection, and served in the Texas Army State Guard (2007-2012), C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computation & Intelligence). The time in the Texas Military Forces was unrelated to the Secret Space Program Service.

Goode continues his IE work now and is in direct physical contact with the Blue Avians (of the Sphere Being Alliance) who have chosen him as a delegate to interface with multiple ET Federations and Councils on their behalf, liaison with the SSP Alliance Council, and to deliver important messages to humanity.

Corey Goode, the #1 insider of the Secret Space Program will be joining us this spring. He will be present to share his knowledge and his experiences with us all on Friday and Saturday April 21st & 22nd. He will answer pre written questions from the audience conference attendees.



                                   Star Family & the Gift of Light Language

                                                   Lightstar’s Biography:

     Lightstar is an internationally acclaimed Visionary Artist, Celestial Channel, and Starseed Ambassador. She is co-founder of Starseed Alliance International, and serves as a catalyst and spiritual teacher to assist others in discovering their soul gifts, and re-aligning to their natural state. She is very passionate about helping those who feel disconnected from their higher guidance, to re-align with their soul, be inspired, and recall their destiny path. Lightstar speaks over 20 Universal Galactic Languages, which transmit and activate soul memories and divine healing codes. Lightstar’s channeled transmission writings are frequently published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence, and she has been a popular guest on radio shows such as: Ascension Earth Network, VoiceAmerica, Starseed Radio Academy, and Under the Surface Radio. Lightstar’s enchanting artwork has been featured at galleries and venues nationwide, and she is the creator and artist of the ground-breaking Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards and Activators, which innovatively delivers a tangible and intuitive-strengthening tool that blends visionary art and channeled messages for the purposes of self-transformation, self-illumination, and self-healing.

Clifford Mahooty is speaking about the ZUNI people and their star people connection.

Clifford Mahooty Is A Member Of The Zuni Pueblo Indian Tribe Of New Mexico.

Mahooty is a retired civil/environmental engineer (BSCE-NMSU-1969) US Federal Government in Environmental justice for Indian tribes, Tribal housing projects in the USPHS as a commissioned officer in water, waste water, and EPA enforcement in environmental compliance. Mahooty is active in the Zuni orders of the Kachina, Galaxy Medicine Society, Sun Clan leadership, and is a wisdom keeper of the Zuni history.

He has been led by the ancestors to share this extraordinary lost history and his credibility, humility and integrity combine with his clear ability to interpret and masterfully & courageously articulate experiences of the ancient inner earth ‘ant people’, inner earth humans and ‘light’ beings of Star Nation is absolutely stunning. Unprecedented

After decades of silence, a handful of elders are again describing the ways and technology of the original people. Some of the traditions describe the sacred land of Lemuria (Mu), and the wisdom keepers. We can learn a great deal about the people of ancient earth from the native tribes who have continuously live in select regions of our planet for thousands of years.



                                                                                                Rion DeRouen

Founder of Team Light

Rion is a part of the Second Wave, Indigo generation, and received his DNA activation a little over 5 years ago. Ever since, he has attained the ability to not only access and operate his third eye, but his awareness now spans beyond the veil of 3D reality. He can see higher selves and communicate with interdimensional beings. Shortly after his activation, he assembled a group of light workers and founded “Team Light”. This powerful group of individuals spans planet Earth and is responsible for activating sacred sites. Together, they have traveled the globe clearing and gridding, Easter Island- Chile, Shaolin Temple- China, Pyramids of Giza- Egypt, Catacombs- France, Chichen Itza- Mexico, Tiwanaku- Bolivia, Pyramid of the Sun- Bosnia, Stargate of Amun Maru- Peru, Sun Temple Konark- India, and many more.

Rion is also an expert in creating light tools and energy pyramids. His light wands have been specifically designed for those working in advanced forms of energy manipulation. Rion also developed a special candle technique while working on astral projection. He began teaching the art of astral projection via online videos and now has a worldwide base of practitioners.

Rion is well versed in multi-dimensional aspects and his galactic heritage. His goal is to aid all on seeing through the veil utilizing their Third Eye. In understanding the variant realities and frequencies which make up our collective holographic experience more clarity can be found on unifying the collective consciousness.

He lives by 3 simple rules; Raise the planets vibration, Raise the vibration of mass consciousness and do those tasks with the Highest Intent. He will teach you about what is going on in consciousness and the advent of Star Seeds Awakening.


www.teamlight.com / rion@teamlight.com




Standswithbear is a Galactic Starseed Ambassador and Co-Founder,

of Starseed Alliance International, whom has travelled the country extensivelly utilizing his music,healings and channelings to assist others in their growth, life and reaching their true potentiality. Being a channel of the  Galactic Brotherhood and many Masters, he has given countless classes as well as private sessions Internationally.     

     As a published author and prolific speaker he has been invited to present at many events and gatherings including the Art Bell chat club here in Arizona, where he spoke of Starchildren and the Brotherhood of light a subject near and dear to his heart.

He attributes his many gifts and teachings to his Star Brothers and Sisters as well as many incarnates upon the Earth plane.His healing techniques are that of The Ancients incorporating what he calls Gridular Vibrational Healing.

In his own words " My dear friends the healing modalities that I have learned are that of Tibetan, Atlantean, Lemurian as well as knowledges from many other civilizations that came before and some that do not reside upon this world, I work with the elementals as well as your guides to assist you in activations deep within your cellular memories thus raising your vibration and helping to bring your beingness to the now time by integrating that of your past selves, future and present which in turn becomes a very powerful combination to wholeness."

Some of StandswithBear other techniques include a very Ancient Technique of Seichim Energy work which incorporates Ancient Symbols and the energy behind them into the body creating a myriad of powerful healings within.This is one of the many techniques utilized that took Cancer away from his very own Mother over ten years ago.


Friday April 21st Devara ThunderBeat will Be performing an Activation Concert with Julian Forest, StandswithBear, David Kobaz and Shakina Rose.

SAT April 22nd Devara will be speaking about the benevolent star beings and the incredible information they have shared about helping us and our planet and innovative ways of healing with color light and sound.

BIO: Devara ThunderBeat Experiencer has had contact with                                                                                                         Extra Terrestrials throughout her whole life since the age of four.

She is an International, Multi – Award Winner, A Musician / Composer, Author, Teacher, Speaker, 22 DNA Facilitator, Certified Reiki Master and a Pioneer in Sound Healing. 

She studied at the prestigious Eastman School of Music. Her ancient healing knowledge comes from her world travels. She has initiated sound activation ceremonies for awakening and empowerment in the Great Pyramid and temples of Egypt, Mount Sinai, the vortexes in Sedona AZ, Numerous Sacred Maya Temples, and powerful Native American sites throughout the U.S. She uses sound frequencies bridging sound – color and light together activating your rainbow body and utilizes this profound technique in her workshops, music and healing sessions.

ThunderBeat has composed seven solo CDs, Three with Monroe Institute (Hemi – Sync)and co-created ten CDs with many musical artists around the world. Her latest CD and DVD is a 12 DNA Activation. She is an Author of three books, "CHAKRA JOURNEY" “Awakening the Chakras”, “HAND DRUMMING, Rhythms from around the world” and her latest book called “LOOK UP” Her Encounters with ET’s & Angels.

As a trained 22 Strand DNA Facilitator she repairs damaged DNA and activates a person to remember who they are and why they are here.

Her activation CDS relieve anxiety, stress, fear which causes 60% of disease, releases pain, insomnia, emotional issues A.D.D. , colic, sharpens eye sight and hearing and much more.  

She has won numerous awards including a Beacon of Light award for her inspiration, creativity, wisdom, compassion, and service to the community and the world!  

Grand Father Martin a Hopi Shaman elder, honored ThunderBeat, to speak and carry on the messages of truth for all living things. She resides in the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ.


2012 Los Angeles Music Award “Egyptian Sun” Musical Soundtrack of the Year.

2011 Phoenix Music Producer choice award for "Egyptian Sun Gods and Goddesses" Musical Soundtrack of the Year.

2010 Producer choice award for "Egyptian Sun" Best Stage Musical of the Year!

2010 ZMR nominee award for musical score "Egyptian Sun" Best Groove CD of the Year. Voters are music Directors and

2006 Native American Music Award for Mayan Landing 2012 Best World and New Age Recording Broadcasters from around the world.

2005 “Beacon of Light Award" Award for her inspiration, creativity, wisdom, compassion and service to the world!!!


Devara ThunderBeat




Bridget is an author, artist, intuitive, high vibe food educator, eco-adventurer and hybrid ambassador. She is a human ambassador and starseed.  /react-text

Bridget is a bridge who embodies the archetypal role of inter-dimensional midwife bringing through new Earth templates, enhanced ways of being, and communication with unseen realms. She brings through these frequencies from their point of origin into our reality, to be grounded on Earth.  /react-text

One of her primary passions is bridging the benevolent ET reality to an awakened humanity. She is the co-founder of the Hybrid Children Community which assists starseeds, abductees and parents of hybrid children with their experiences and galactic roles. /react-text

The other half of her bridging is in reminding humanity of their true nature, thus cultivating conscious spaciousness for global ascension. Bridget's Earth mission is to deliver information about how to upgrade herself and others to be ready for ET contact and Oneness. As the co-founder of HarmoniousEarth.org she shares how to activate oneself through a high vibrational diet, unified galactic tribalism and living in balance with Earth.

Alexander Mazzone is a certified 6th generation Reiki Master who started the jewelry company Crystal Current.  Since the start of the company Alexander and his team have collected over 100 testimonials validating the healing power of this jewelry and converted many sceptics to believers.  On his journey of learning metaphysical science he has learned advanced tarot and numerology from his Master Level Teacher Constance Oulette from Bristol Rhode Island,  he also learned the Shamanic Practice of 'Soul Retrieval'.  It brings him great joy to use his spiritual gifts to reintroduce people to their true potential and to facilitate the awakening of the masses.

Serving as a Planetary Ambassador, Ms. Koy is a multi-platform conscious content creator. Her mission is to help evolve all media into a delivery system of truth and conscious awareness, helping to seed the ascension of Earth.

A magna cum laude graduate from the University of Texas, she has a lifetime of commitment to infusing creativity and consciousness into her work. She is the Author of 6 books available on Amazon, and is the writer and co-host of Daily Vibe on IvolveTV, a conscious network. She works with the cosmic rays of ascension and channels their galactic codes for the benefit of humanity. She lives in the conscious communities of Sedona, Arizona and Austin, Texas.

Isabella A. Greene is a Starseed, a  Lightworker and a Wayshower. Her multidimensional role is to prepare beings for missions. After years of living in New York City and working in Financial Services Industry, Isabella had a re-awakening and became an accredited Life and Awakening Coach, Remote Soul Healer, Reiki Master, Mystic & Teacher. She now lives in Sedona and serves both interdimensionally and worldwide.  The story of her powerful awakening, mystical experiences and dedication to her path is an inspiration to many. Along with personal sessions, Isabella offers workshops and group healing work. Her services are multidimensional and extend beyond the limitations of 3D. Isabella frequently writes for a number of on-line publications and is in the process of writing her first two books. Her article “25 Strange “Symptoms” People Are Experiencing Worldwide” went viral overnight and was read by close to half a million people. Isabella’s mission and life are dedicated to serving awakening and evolution of the planet and the human race.


A member of the planetary council for the Golden Age Paradigm Shift, Charis Melina Brown has experienced contact with extra terrestrial and multidimensional emissaries over the course of her entire life.

In her two books Journal Of A Starseed and Instruction Of A Starseed, Brown detailed her transformation from an academia-minded atheist/agnostic to a Reiki healer, interdimensional ambassador, lightworker, and wisdom keeper of the coming ages.

Charis has dedicated her life to deliberately creating a world filled with harmony, healing, evolution, and connected creativity. She hosts a women's mentorship program called Goddess Glow, facilitates workshops and retreats nationwide, and teaches online courses about accessing your intuition and mastering your life purpose. www.charismelina.com







Life-Changing Expeditions /react-text

Chris and his company, InnerEXPEDITION are dedicated to assisting people to clear interferences safely.  This enhances their INNER journey and has the immediate result of the expansion of consciousness. Connecting  beings with their innermost truth results in the person experiencing greater MEANING, PURPOSE and LOVE in their life. /react-text

In addition to his informal schooling, Christopher Louis LaPrath has a Masters Degree in Human Dynamics from Western International University,  a Psychology degree from Axia University, and holds a Bachelors degree in Sales and Marketing. He has lectured all over the world, to groups as large as 30,000. /react-text

Chris speaks Mandarin Chinese, having lived for several years in the Republic of China. He has traveled to many countries, learning from Masters of many different cultures and religions.  /react-text

His book, TRESTLE CREEK: THINGS THE DEAD FEAR won the Hollywood Book Festival award for best Non-Fiction. The book is based on Chris’s journey ... his life desperately unraveling to the core ...  and a mysterious couple who take him on a consciousness EXPEDITION and guide him back to his own INNER KNOWING.  This expedition connected Chris with the exceptional GIFTS he always had, but was previously unaware of.  Since then, Chris has been assisting others on their journey.  /react-text

'Trestle Creek' is Chris' remarkable true story of  life; a family terrorized by a possessed father; a mother who must awaken from denial to save her family ... a house haunted with good and evil forces ... and a boy who can see ‘beyond' ...  including the dead. By necessity, Chris embarked on his own InnerExpedition at a very early age experiencing greater things that haunt people than just the dead; things that block our ability to expand our consciousness, and things unseen by most people.

     We all have the capacity to expand far beyond what we are presently aware of!   Chris has the ability to  "SEE" far beyond a person’s present awareness, and help them partner with their own INNER cosmic awareness on their personal journey.

Mathues Imhotep is an Author, Spiritual Teacher, Artist, IT Specialist, Private Banker, Consultant and Entrepreneur. Mathues received his spiritual name, which means teacher of sacred mathematics (Actual name revealed in person due to the secret background involving the Chinese Elders and New Banking System) on the major planetary activation (known as 11:11) of 1/11/92 at 11:11 pm, while meditating on Mt. Shasta. This was one of the many experiences that led him to discover his divine lineage and his connection to the Higher Over-Soul aspect known as Sanat Kumara.

Beginning at the age of 19, several very powerful, un-evoked, Spirit inspired and guided experiences of Self-Realization formed the awareness of a Divine Consciousness, which overshadowed and braided with Mathues at the soul level.

These encounters have lead him into greater quests of Self-Discovery. Ultimately, resulting in activations and initiations that have produced the ability to recall and access inner knowledge and wisdom through a conscious awareness to many significant aspects of the collective Over-Soul SELF. One such Self-Discovery  happened in 1997 when Mathues returned from Egypt with the conscious awareness of an activation into the Over-Soul aspect of the Egyptian Vicar of Hidden Wisdom: IMHOTEP.  Additional key lifetimes have been remembered, including several spiritual leader roles. Much of these experiences has resulted in this body of material. The final higher self integration took place inside the Great Pyramid on 11/22/98. This is accomplished by aligning all the bodies and opening all the seals within each Chakra, with the final awakening accompanied by the activation of the 7th Seal Crown Chakra.

Through the conscious access of his Higher Master Self and direct physical contact with the Arcturians over a period of years, Mathues has recalled, retraced, and has been shown the grand plan and wisdom of the Avataric dispensation. The awareness and understanding of a plan for Global Transformation into Ascension has been carried throughout key periods in history, revealing golden threads that have bound the Divine plan together through the periodic return (embodiment) of the Eternal Cadre; the ‘12 of the 24’(Elohim Creator Beings) who have been preparing the way for the Divine Golden Age. By relating wisdom and sharing his experiences, Mathues has assisted many in remembering and activating their Eternal Consciousness and Master Selves as a balanced embodiment, here and now.

Alan Steinfeld is known for his radicle views about the nature of reality. His unique perspective on Cosmic Awakening began twenty-five years ago with his cable television program called New Realities. http://www.NewRealities.com  Each week guests such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Ram Das, Bruce Lipton and thousands of others have discussed their latest discoveries on Time Warner cable.  Nearly 14 million people have seen my YouTube videos on my New Realities channel www.Youtube.com/newrealities.  For the last four years he has been Master of Ceremonies at Contact in the Desert in Joshua Tree, CA. usually opening the conference with: “Welcome people of Earth”.  He is also a representative to the United Nations for the non-government foundation of The Academy for Future Science.  His first book, Careers in Alternative Medicine, published by Rosen Publishing, is now in its third edition.  He feels that only by opening up our new neuro pathways to download new forms of consciousness can we bridge the connection to the cosmic mind.

Crystal Skulls ~ The Cosmic Connection:

LionFire ~ is a Shaman of Norse heritage with over 25 years experience as a ceremonial leader, working within a variety of traditions. He is a gateway for many of the most ancient crystal and stone skulls in the world. LionFire’s has international recognition as one of the worlds’ major Crystal Skull Keepers.

A bridge between generations, orientations and traditions, he is a Reiki Master~Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoko, Tibetan, Raku and Shambala traditions an certified in acupressure massage. LionFire often serves as a director-guide to sacred sites for many of the world’s spiritual leaders including Drunvalo Melchizedek.

He recently contributed a section to the book, 'Crystal Skulls and the Enigma of Time', by Patricia Mercier and has collaborated with many authors and artists including John Major Jenkins, Jose Arguelles, Lunar Fire and ThunderBeat, both on stage and in the studio.

A Colorado artist, healer and shaman, LionFire currently provides personal treatments, including Crystal Skull sessions and teaches at his Shamanic Institute in Cortez, CO.  www.lionfire.co   ~"mailto:fuegodeleon88@gmail.com" fuegodeleon88@gmail.com





TOPIC:  Cataloging the profound shift presently taking place within the psyche of humanity, Dr. Ariel points to the fact that we are living in unprecedented times. Weaving a blend of sacred prophecies, scientific predictions, and prophetic visions around 2012-33, she unveils a glorious potential casting its first rays of light on Earth, illuminating the Dark Night we are presently passing through and providing a “missing piece” to traversing the challenges of this time. Find out what is in store for humanity in the ‘journey’ she took to the future. Receive a powerful activation in her global healing for the advancement of humanity and everyone present. 

SHORT BIO:  #1 Bestselling Author, Creator of The Quest, and Award Winning Author of the Earth 2012-33 series, Aurora is a pioneering doctor whose research and work have given her a profound understanding of the psyche and the tools to heal an ailing humanity. She has successfully healed conditions once thought incurable, irreversible or unchangeable, releasing countless individuals from life sentences of suffering. A living testimony of her own work, she is now sharing her Alchemical Keys with the global community, helping others realize a Higher Destiny than the fate their human programs would dictate. Dedicating her life to the advancement of humanity into an Age of Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace, she founded a vast humanitarian endeavor with 7 vehicles. This 7 Star Global Healing Mission includes The Aurora Trust, the Temple of Sacred Alchemy, Institute of Advanced Healing, TheQuest University, Earth Vision Foundation, AEOS, and Sacred Alchemy Films.